We all want to keep our homes in the best condition we possibly can, and we all will be painfully aware that doing so can be costly, and potentially stressful at times. You see, when you own a home, you have to accept the good with the bad. Obviously all homes will need a little maintenance and DIY from time to time, but what about when more serious problems arise? Water damage and mold for example, are both very serious, yet fairly common problems that can affect homes every where. Whether it’s the result of a burst pipe, the weather, or any other reason, if your home is affected by mold and water damage, here’s a look at a few things you should know.

Mold Will Comeback Unless Properly Addressed

Mold spores are very dangerous and very bad for our health and can cause a whole variety of diseases and health ailments. The problem with mold is that it will always come back unless moisture problems are taken care of. If you eliminate visible mold from a wall, if there is still too much moisture in the area, the mold will eventually come back. To prevent it from returning, you either need to dehumidify the room, or find out where the excess moisture is coming from.

Never Ignore Water Damage

If for example, you have a slight leak in a water pipe, don’t be tempted to try to patch the pipe yourself, and leave it dripping slightly, because when you do this, small problems can potentially go on to become much larger problems. Overtime a slight leak will become larger and wood in that area will eventually rot and become breeding ground for mold. Regardless of the visible water you think you’re cleaning up, unless the problem is evaluated by an expert, there may always be some moisture left.

You Must Notify Your Insurance Company Right Away

If you notice any signs of mold, or if you experience any form of water damage, whether due to the elements, or faulty fixtures and fittings, you should discuss the situation with your insurance company as soon as possible. By doing so you will also be advised on what you can do next and if you need to start a claim.

You Should Cut The Power

Water and electricity do not mix. If you are looking into a problem in an area that has become wet in the vicinity of anything electrical be sure to shut the power off first.

Speak To An Expert

Never ever try to fix or repair water and mold damage yourself (unless you are qualified to do so). You potentially could make matters worse. You may even invalidate your insurance claim. Instead, as soon as you discover damage due to mold/water, get on the phone and speak to an expert right away. Make sure they have the necessary credentials and qualifications. Mold and water damage is a ticking time bomb, so the quicker you get the problem sorted, the better.