Mark Waldman had an Electrical fire that started in the Attic and destroyed a good portion of his roof. The fire created substantial smoke damage to the second floor and, as a result of the fire department, severe water damage to the first floor.

Mark had originally hired a different contractor who was not a specialist in fire restoration and as a result the contractor actually recommended Struck and Sons to complete the work.

Waldman Fire Restoration 2014

Mark Waldman

Richard of Struck and Sons was hired to create an estimate for the insurance company as the home owner was not satisfied with the settlement amount that the insurance company provided.

Using Richard’s years of experience he was able to see the extent of the damage and write an estimate that resulted in the insurance company paying Mr Waldman almost twice as much as they had originally offered.

Struck and Sons completed a full restoration and upgraded the property from its prior outdated look to a beautiful modern home.

Mark was extremely happy with the work of Struck and Sons and highly recommends them to anyone who suffers a fire as he did.