Jim Whalen had a fire start on the outside of his home caused by an damaged electrical box which set fire to a wooden planter covering the device at the base of the building.

It quickly spread up the exterior side of the house and into the bedroom on the second floor, damaging that room and the roof.

The Fire Department’s efforts to extinguish the flames cased further damage from the water used to put out the fire.

Struck and Sons were hired to restore the property to it’s original condition. They tore down and replaced the original siding and matched it to the rest of the house. The exterior walls were gutted. Spray foam insulation was applied to the interior walls and roof. Inside all the drywall was replaced and painted. They also replaced wall to wall carpets throughout and repainted the entire first floor due to smoke stain.

A new large base planter was built along with new window planters, shutters and steps leading into the home to bring the building up to code. .

Jim Whalen says the home is in better condition now than it was prior to the fire.

Jim Whalen