After your home or business suffers damage from an unexpected disaster these six important steps will help with getting your property restored.

Secure The Property

Depending on the circumstances and nature of the damage the property must be secured against further loss from weather, theft or vandalism. In some situations you may be able to do it yourself. Otherwise it may require hiring a company that provides that service.

Contact Your Insurance Company

As soon as possible contact your insurance provider and get them involved. They will be able to assist you with your immediate needs and get the restoration process started.

Inspect Your Property

As long as you can determine it is safe, make an inspection. Document the damages. Take pictures and make a detailed inventory list of everything that has been affected.

Make Temporary Repairs

During the inspection process determine if there are any dangerous conditions that need to be made safe before repairs can be started. If it’s a fire the fire department will remove the electric meter. Maybe the water, gas or electric needs to be shut off. If structural reinforcement is needed seek the assistance of a professional.

Relocate Salvageable Property

Make arrangements to relocate salvageable property and valued possessions to a safe secure location.  Do this as soon as you can safely access the damaged areas.

Keep All Receipts

Keep receipts and detailed records of all your expenses for reimbursement. Ask your insurance provider to go over exactly what you are covered for to get the full benefits you are entitled to.